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This is a test instance of Hatta wiki engine. Feel free to experiment below and on other pages here. Please report bugs at http://bitbucket.org/thesheep/hatta/issues if you actually want them to be looked at. You can make a test page for a bug here and link from the bug report.

You can run hg clone http://test.hatta-wiki.org/+hg test-wiki to have a complete copy of this wiki, including history, on your disk!

Testing the wiki

does fat markdown work? how about *skinny*? it appears __emphasis__ requires _both_ and not single?


    1. Hello World

 1 \beta 2 + 5 \alpha \sum_{i=1}^{N}

1. one 2. two 3. three

some text with a link


пишим всякую хуету

хуета лалала лалала

def test(arg=int);
    return arg

print("this is a test: %s" % (test("test"))



test +download/test

Oh! Boyy, this page doesn't make much sense!! Why don't you try editing this page Why not?

edit this page


awdasf sdsdf

asdf jklö My Passwd is asdf123

”Yo, wadd geht!'' Hm? LOL


my created page